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Mar 11, 2011 7:00pm EST
there doing some of this work. obviously they're great guys. u.s. military. they really know what they're doing, men and women. they're doing -- just training very few units. that's good. it needs to happen. and i hate to have all of these answers woman caviates and then i don't want it to feel like, well you have to do everything, but really there has to be accompanied by some reformed units that they have to go back. huge, huge problems is soldiers don't get paid. the legacy. destroyed the infrastructure. eaten up all of the money. there's a little bit of that left. not a little bit, a lot, unfortunately. i have visited the battlion camps like tent cities. a little better than the revfeefgy camps in fact they often go and loot and pilliage in those camps. are responsible for 40%. some say of the rapes in the country. where you have a military that's deployed among the population that's feeding off of the population. it's not imaginable to us. this is a horrible i version of that. i think they just took the divisions out of there. that's not practical politically, but what is practica
Mar 4, 2011 7:00pm EST
but today on u.s. education policy at a miami florida high school >>> senator majority leader harry reid came to the floor to talk about the u.s. budget and next week senate agenda which includes a couple of test votes on temporary 2011 federal spending. his remarks are half an hour. terminated.reid: mr.reside >> without objection.ger stement >> mr. president, thank you verr much. i have a longer statement that s will give after we finish this t colloquy here. yesterday afternoon at 4 o'cloch we met back here in the vice president's office a very finehe meeting.ublica vice president bidenn was there, my friend the republican leader- the speaker and the majority --t minority leader, let me get thin turned down, there's this change in the house leadership. anyway, mcconnell read, boehner and paul lucey were there withpt vice president biden, and we spent about an hour and therrant arrangement is we would have a woul vote ond h.r. one sometime this next week and also a vote on the bill that we just laid down, which is our alternative to what we think should be done with the economy. now i
Mar 18, 2011 7:00pm EDT
, standards and technology, john hopkins university, and the u.s. army among others. all this testing confirmed that the radiation dose is well within established standards. they are incapable of producing the energy required to generate radiation at a level to exceed the established standards. fail safe mechanisms are up stalled to shut the machines down should they begin operating in unexpected ways. multiple tests occur on each individual unit before it is used to screen passengers. ongoing tests goes on every unit to confirm safe continued operation. additional testing is tested if a machine is relocated. they are required to notify fda and tsa if they have radiation levels above the standard. we committed to all radiation tests online so the public can see for themselves if their home airports have safe technology. while reviewing older reports, there were errors in the contractor's recordkeeping. we are taking steps to ensure they are not repeating including testing those where they are an error, retraining the work force. they are doing those surveys, extending the evaluation o
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3